Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kicking Off the Summer

I actually have a summer job that I love. I’m working at the childcare center at home as an aide for a 6 yr old boy with Autism. It has been challenging, frustrating, draining, and absolutely amazing. Most of the kids in our class are accepting of him and try to help. And then there’s the 3 kids in the class who are absolute jerks and make me want to scream on an almost daily basis.

There are meltdowns, but we have a system that helps them dissipate. The kids know which seat is his and that he likes the middle swing and not to bring their Bakugan to school if they want to maintain a peaceful environment.

My first full day was yesterday, and it was a little weird, because it was just the two of us until the rest of the school kids got out for the day. Next week, it’ll just be us and the other kindergartners until about 1, and then it’s a full house until 6…true full class full days start Wednesday. The day went well, as much as he (and most children with autism) cling to their schedules and totally hate transitions.

I was able to meet the Preschool Special Ed teacher and talk to her while her kids and my kid watched Finding Nemo. We watched some of his other favorite movies, played with legos, and then it was naptime for the entire center. All of the lights were off for 2 ½ hours. It was awesome…it was quiet.

Next week we’re at the center, and then field trips kick off the week after that. Those should be fun. I ran into his teacher at the grocery store the other day, and we were able to talk about how he does during field trips, and I am thankful for the advice she gave.

It should be an interesting summer…but my profs were right…your classes teach you how to fill out paperwork…your classroom experiences teach you how to become a teacher.