Thursday, June 10, 2010

Still Kickin'

Kinda forgot about the blog...oops.  I've been home for about 4 weeks now, and it's been pretty good.  Last weekend, the family took a trip up to Fredericksburg for Taylor's high school graduation.  It's crazy that she's going to college this fall.  Wedding plans are going great.  We have a date, a church, reception venue, I have a gown & veil, my bridesmaids are starting to pick their dresses, and we have LOTS of glass for the candy buffet.  We've also picked all the music for the ceremony, which we've decided to keep a secret.  No real reason...just because we can. :)  I get to go down to NC this Sunday to see Fletcher and visit the church he's interning at this summer.  I'm not a fan of being all.  But, we'll be married in 366 days!!  Family vacation is in 36 days...and if that would like to hurry up and get here, that'd be great!  We've been looking forward to Kiawah since the first snowstorm hit back in December.  This year, it'll be the 5 of us, Beth & Taylor, and Sarah!  I'm so excited to get some girl time in.  It's weird to think that next summer is going to so different than what we're used to.