Saturday, June 30, 2012

If You Want Something Done Right...

Just do it yourself. 

I had the most difficult time finding a maternity swimsuit that was anywhere near decently modest.  So, I found a style at that looked like it might work.  When it was delivered, though, the top was still too low.  Unfortunately, I don't know of anyone who makes camis for swimsuits.

I googled "swimsuit modesty panel" and only found one tutorial using swimsuit fabric.  It's $16/yd at Joann's.  I figured I could make something work with an existing swimsuit.  Took a trip to our local Wal-Mart store and picked up the cheapest black tankini top I could find, a ball-point needle for my sewing machine, and just went for it.

I ended up not needing the bias tape, since the hem of the tankini served the same purpose (to give support to the panel).

After cutting the top portion off the tankini, I pinned around the non-serged edges so the lining wouldn't separate from the fabric.

I pinned the tankini piece to the swimsuit top and trimmed away a good bit of the excess fabric.

Trimmed after sewing.



Erica said...

Clever girl.

On an entirely different note, I never get notifications if you write a blog. Does the same thing with Raquel's blog. Have no idea why.