Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cookie Day

In October 2008, we were getting ready for the first exam in our American Lit class. Fletcher asked if I was interested in a study group. The guy I had been crushing on all semester just asked if I wanted to be in a study group?! I quickly said yes. In hindsight...probably too quickly. Like awkwardly quickly. Whatever. We're married now. :)
I decided that I was going to make cookies. Fletcher had mentioned that he likes chocolate chip. Almost everyone on the planet likes chocolate chip cookies, so it wouldn't seem weird.
October 19th, I made my way up to c-lab when it opened after Campus Church. Found Fletcher in one of the seating areas. He was alone. "No one else could make it," he said.
Do I still bring out the cookies? I mean...I made them for him. But I don't want him to KNOW that I made them for him. WHAT DO I DO?!? 
The cookies stayed in my backpack. We studied for our test (btw...this is where the "Men are like planets" joke comes from...he found a typo in my notes and still won't let me forget it), and then spent two hours talking about our families.
A few years later, he confessed that he never invited anyone else to the study group. And then I confessed that those poor cookies were left in my backpack.
Today, eight years later, we made chocolate chip cookies and ate them with our sons.